”... place is an archive of fond memories and splendid achievements that inspire the present; place is permanent and hence reassuring to man, who sees frailty in himself and chance and flux everywhere.”

(Yi-Fu Tuan, Space and Place: The Perspective of Experience)


Soltorp is an ongoing series in which Elo wants to explore the connection between a domestic space and her own inner world. Having returned to her grandparent’s seaside cottage every summer of her life, the house with its objects and surroundings has become entwined with memories, roots and comfort. The photographs can be described as having a sense of thoughtfulness and melancholy, yet the idea of the cottage provides a kind of sanctuary for the photographer’s mind to escape to, time after time. The series is a reflection of solitude and endless daydreaming, but above all, it is a declaration of love for a wondrous place.

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